#PressRelease: Author of ‘Sticks & Stones’ Interviewed on Podcast Themed Around Resilience

I was blessed enough to score a spot on the Grace & Hope Consulting Podcast. You can listen to my episode below.

The Smart Cookie Philes

For Immediate Release

June 23, 2022

Chelsea DeVries, Publicist


Author of ‘Sticks & Stones’ Interviewed on Podcast Themed Around Resilience

Chou Hallegra, mental health consultant and owner of grace & hope consulting, recently interviewed Chelsea DeVries on The Grace & Hope Consulting Podcast. The 17 minute episode is focused on DeVries’s experience working in a toxic workplace and how it impacted her mental health but yet she found the strength to overcome from that experience by writing and compiling her poetry collection Sticks and Stones: Full Story Edition. This episode is available here or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

About The Podcast: This podcast is an outreach marketing effort expanded on Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC is a person-centered and community-focused company providing mental health, personal development, and inclusion supports to individuals, families, organizations, churches, and communities. Through con

sulting, counseling, coaching, training, writing, and publishing, we…

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