#AuthorInterview: With Hernando Sun’s Megan Hussey

  1. What first inspired you to write?

I took to writing as early as seven years old. I wrote a story called The Enormous Garden. My attention to detail within the piece was so impressive that my teacher later used my stories as examples within a community college class. 

2. Tell us about your new collection of poetry, Sticks and Stones. I understand that one of the featured pieces was inspired by Weeki Wachee?

My poetry collection was originally published in November 2020 following a harrowing experience working in a toxic workplace, and struggling with my mental health. I wrote some of the poems while working there and then ended up writing a poem called Unacknowledged which was my longest poem to date at 35 stanzas and 738 words. It ended up gaining attention on Instagram which lead me to write the collection surrounding the story of struggling with mental health, suicide, love and heartbreak. I wrote it and then recently expanded it with 41 poems, more full color photos, and an expanded version of the prose piece Drowning in an Ocean of No Tomorrows. It will officially be out worldwide 2.22.22 but is currently available in hardcover in my Etsy shop: UnicornPixieDesigns for $15.

One of the new poems in the new collection is called Fish Out of Water and is inspired by growing up fascinated with visiting Weeki Wachee Springs and re-enacting the mermaid show in my childhood swimming pool. Overall, the poem talks about how growing up I always felt a little out of place and like I purposely swim against the current which I now equate to having the soul of a mermaid, if you will.

3. You first became known as a novelist at age 15, when your debut novel Dream Girl was published. Tell us more about this very special book and the success it brought you–also about the sequel, Jessica’s Choice.

 Being fourteen and fifteen respectively and writing and releasing two novels in high school was such an anomaly experience. People were very receptive and marketing came so easy to me at that time. I sold roughly 400 copies respectively of both books overall. It just made me acutely aware of what it meant to be an author (you have to talk and do public speaking a lot), and it lead me to change my major to marketing in college because I enjoyed writing so much and thought why not do the business version of writing by becoming a publicist.

The two novels have since been rewritten as a new NA romantic suspense novel that I hope to have out as my next publication. 

4. How do you feel that your writing has evolved through the years?

My writing has greatly evolved, and the more I work on various forms of writing it continues to evolve. My poetry started very one-dimensional, as did my setting descriptions within my novels but my poetry is very strong now, and my writing continues to grow stronger the more I work at it. 

5. What inspired you to begin your own p.r. firm?

Being a teenage author and having two books out so young I had no idea what it meant to market my books. So I guess that was the core reason I started The Smart Cookie Philes. The other was wanting to become a publicist since I was younger since I met a lot of famous people through my teenage years and young adulthood. I have a knack for reading people very well and that caused me to realize publicity was my calling because I can spot branding a mile away, and I can trace patterns and trends in order to follow what may work, and what may not. I’ve been doing it now for 8 years as of January 18, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Plus, it helps me market my own books because I just follow the same launch procedure I do with my clients. The coolest thing so far as a publicist was that I worked with pop singer Rachel Platten on her Wildfire Tour in 2016 before I ever launched my PR firm side of The Smart Cookie Philes. Overall, I built The Smart Cookie Philes to be a book and music enthusiast community that makes all people feel free to espresso themselves however they choose without fear of judgement, and that comes from growing up and how being on the spectrum and not knowing it until October 2020, and how I would info dump or get overly excited to share about the books and music I read or listened to, and how people kind of seemed put off by my passion for it. Looking back now, I can see how music was always my autistic special interest.

6. What does the future hold for you?

The future holds a lot of brightness for me. My poetry book already made the Amazon India Best-seller List at #54 and held that spot for 3 weeks in its first release. It also recently was named the 2021 Book of the Year in Drama & Poetry by OnlineBookClub.org, and both of those honors were given to me by people who have read my collection so both of those accolades mean a lot to me.

I hope to do readings and appearances for Sticks and Stones: Full Story Edition, continue writing more poetry, and  being a strong mental health advocate to help end the stigma on mental health and suicide, and hoping every day that my writing, my PR work, and just the person I am reaches someone in the midst of their pain, and reminds them that whatever you are drowning in, you can and will rise above it. How do I know? Because I am living proof.

To hear Chelsea read her original poem Fish Out of Water or to read the poem text, check out this post.


For more on the Hernando Sun, check out https://www.hernandosun.com/

2 thoughts on “#AuthorInterview: With Hernando Sun’s Megan Hussey

  1. I liked your story and more Chelseit is a fantantic goal you had it 7 then 14 and now more. Congratulations on your dream come true there is a special life ahead I wish you the best


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